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"After a crush injury to my foot at work, I called an attorney that referred me immediately to Frank. From the beginning, Frank was able to tell me in straight terms what my options were and explained the best way to obtain the benefits the insurance company was denying me. Fortunately, through Frank’s persistence, I was able to get the medical care and lost wages I deserved. From first hand experience, I know that workers’ compensation laws are extremely complicated and confusing, but I was glad that Frank was there for me. If you’re injured on the job, I would highly recommend that you call Frank."

Bill Bravo

"I have been a truck driver for most of my life. While inspecting my truck at work, I slipped and fell 10 feet to the ground landing on my back. I was life-flighted to a hospital and underwent emergency surgery to repair a burst-fracture in my thoracic spine. I was referred to Frank on the recommendation of a family member. Frank gave me practical advice and helped me through a very difficult time. He acted firmly and made sure I was making the right decision for my case. Through his expertise, I obtained much needed medical and permanent total disability compensation. Frank has my utmost respect as a great lawyer and friend."

John Phelps

"I was a passenger in an automobile when the driver lost control of the car and crashed. I had severe neck and back injuries that required extensive medical treatment. When this happened, I knew to call Frank because he had represented my husband in a worker’s compensation claim and was successful in getting my husband significant compensation for his injuries. Frank was very skillful in negotiating with the insurance company and I was extremely happy with the settlement Frank was able to achieve. He was there for our family when we needed it. He has my highest recommendation!"

Melissa & Charles Simpson

"I was involved in a head-on automobile collision due to another driver looking at her cell phone. I sustained injuries to my neck, back, and right knee. I underwent months of physical therapy, doctor appointments, and tests, and eventually had to have reconstructive knee surgery. My father knew Frank and recommended that I call him. Frank knew exactly what needed to be done, how to proceed with the insurance companies, and there was never a moment where I didn’t know what was going on. To say the least, my case was successfully concluded and I was very happy with the results. I still call him for advice and he always directs me in the right direction. If he can’t help, Frank will find someone who can! I totally trust Frank and would recommend him to anyone."

Chris Romain

"I was referred to Frank by a friend after being rear-ended at an intersection. I injured my cervical and lumbar spine and was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear to my left shoulder. I make my living as a painter and artist, so the injuries I had significantly impacted my life. From the first phone call Frank put me at ease, which allowed me to relax a little during an extremely complex and stressful time. Through his dedication, determination, and professionalism, I was able to receive compensation for past, present, and future damages including loss of future earnings. I would very much recommend Frank to anyone who has been injured and and to get the results they know can’t be had without professional help."

Blake Wilkinson

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