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Workers’ Compensation

Why do I need the Allison Law Firm?

First, and foremost, workers’ compensation laws have changed, and it is often difficult to determine what your current rights are to receive compensation for your on-the-job injury. The Allison Law Firm has been handling workers’ compensation cases or workers’ compensation claims for over 29 years both in Kansas and Missouri. A person who has been injured at work needs an attorney that knows the law, and knows how the workers’ compensation system works in order to receive all the benefits due under the law.

The goal of the worker’s compensation system is to make sure that somebody who is injured at work receives appropriate medical care, lost wages related to the work injury, and compensation for disability or impairment that arises due to the on-the-job injury.

In some cases rehabilitation benefits are also available to help an injured worker get back to work. And if death occurs due to work, then family members may be eligible to receive benefits.

Frequently, these benefits are denied or terminated prematurely by the employer or the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. Sometimes, an injured worker is told to return to work before they are actually medically able, or are denied extended or permanent disability despite their disabling injury. Most employers are very much aware of how the compensation system works, and how to terminate an employee’s benefits. Often claims and benefits are denied due to a lack of proper notice about when and how the work accident occurred, as well as who the notice was given to. Recent changes in the law have made it difficult to determine if proper notice was given.

When these things happen,  you need the Allison Law Firm to help get the benefits and compensation you are entitled to.


How much does it cost to hire the Allison Law Firm?

The Allison Law Firm represents people injured on the job through a contingency fee arrangement, which means that the only attorney fees are due is if you win. This can be through successful settlement negotiations or through successful litigation. The contingency fee is 25% of any settlement or award granted by an Administrative Law Judge. You should never be charged more than 25%. By law, each case that concludes by settlement or award must have attorney fees approved by the Court. A contingency fee arrangement is a way for people to have an attorney by their side without the need to pay out-of-pocket fees as the case goes on.

Our office will also often advance case expenses such as medical records, medical bills, and expert witness fees to pursue a client’s rights to receive compensation. These case expenses must ethically always be the responsibility of the client. At the successful conclusion of your case, any costs that are advanced by our office are then reimbursed.

Again, this is an advantage to you because you incur no out-of-pocket expenses as the case remains open.


How do I know if the Allison Law Firm is the right fit to handle my case?

Experience matters in successfully handling a workers’ compensation case. As a workers’ compensation attorney for the past 29 years, I have handled thousands of worker’s compensation cases. It’s important in workers’ compensation cases to know the Administrative Law Judges who hear workers’ compensation cases. It’s also important to know the doctors and the defense lawyers who are trying to block your claim to benefits and compensation.

When you come to my office for help with your claim, I am able to tell you what you can expect of the Administrative Law Judge assigned to your case, the tactics the defense attorney will use to fight your claim, and what doctors may be used to issue a medical opinion against you to cut off benefits, or prevent you from getting necessary treatment, or sending you back to work too early.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to teach other lawyers about how to handle workers’ compensation cases including proper investigation of how the work accident happened, how to plead the claim, and how to proceed in Court to successfully prove a claim.

And while experience is crucial in making a decision about the best attorney to handle your case, the best way to know whether there is a right fit is to call and share how your work accident happened and allow us to share in clear and understandable language what options you have in successfully pursuing the compensation and benefits you deserve.

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